Q: What do I do if I'm missing a chapter, or it never came in the mail?
A: Click here and specify the issue you're missing. We'll be in touch and work it out.

Q: Will you ship international?
A: Yes! Even if I lose money on shipping.

Q: How many issues will there be?
A: Unknown! I will be writing this book until it is done and done right. I mean, how many times have you wished that a good book had ended sooner? But don't worry, if I drone on, you can cancel at any time!

Q: What, exactly, do I get?
A: You get physical issues of THE SILENT BELLS mailed to your door step as the draft is written! You get to hang in the kitchen while the first draft of a long awaited novel comes out of the oven all hot and fresh. Most importantly, you get to make sure that this novel comes into existence at all. Without all you Ashtown fans and your glorious persistence, this would be the series finale that never was!

Q: Will boxing monkey patches ever be available in the Ashtown Gift Factory?
A: Yes! In fact, they’ll be there later this week. And new items will be added as every new issue releases!

Q: Will the book be published in a single volume after?
A: I hope so! And I’m 95% sure that I’ve found the way. But this has been a weird and unpredictable publishing journey, so I can promise nothing beyond this serial edition.

Q: Can I subscribe late or buy extra copies later for friends?
A: Nope. This is a limited serial edition. When that first issue goes to press, the subscription list will be closed. And I’m not gonna stockpile a bunch of extras to sell. Subscriptions are your only shot.

Q: Is Rupert Greeves dead?
A: Haha. Find out the honest way! Spread the word and subscribe here!